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Beehive Composters

All our composters are hand made in Wales by skilled tradesman. Our timber is locally sourced and its all pressure treated for long lasting life

They come in different sizes and colours to suit everyone's needs

delivery prices uk only please message for quotes outside uk

Wooden Beehive Compost Bin 110L - 

  • Pre assembled
  • 110 litre capacity
  • Width 430mm
  • Depth 480mm
  • Height 700mm
  • Pressure treated using the OSMOSE process, to prevent rot and insect attack.
  • Hand made and Treated in the UK
  • Manufactured using UK Timber sourced from sustainably managed forests

There is a panel on the front which you can remove via 2 small screws for you to access the compost when ready

Anything you request please contact us

We use only the best paints Ron Seal Paint with:

  • 3 year colour protection
  • Wax enriched formula protects against water damage
  • UV filters prevent greying and maintain colour for longer


Natural Standard Beehive

Pressure treated for long life

450mm wide x 450mm depth x 700mm tall

Price £105.00

Delivery £20.00

Can be made to any size required

Standard Beehive

Painted in many colours

450 mm wide

700 mm tall

Price £130.00

Delivery 20.00

Please Email us with the colour you require

Standard Beehive with a log lap roof 

450 mm wide

700 mm high

Price £130.00

Delivery £20.00

 Please Email us with the colour you require

Cream with a Brown stained Roof

Price £140.00

Delivery £20.00

Large Painted Beehive Slate Roof

Different Colours Available  

640mm wide x 640mm depth x 700mm high

Price £250.00

Delivery 1 pallet £50.00

 Please Email us with the colour you require

Large tanalised Beehive

640mm wide x 540mm depth x 750mm high

Price £175.00

Delivery 1 pallet £50.00

Welsh Slate

Beehive Composter

450 mm widex 700 high x 480 depth

Price £180.000

Delivery £20.00

Please email us with the colour you require

Cream Beehive with Cedar Shingle Roof

Different Colours available 

450mm wide x 700 hign

x 480 depth

Price £180.00

Delivery £20.00