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What Do I Put in This Wooden Beehive Compost Bin ?

All your bio-degradeable kitchen and garden waste can be composted, saving the amount going to landfill sites. Easily add all your waste , such as eggs shells, tea bags, fruit peelings and prunings with a few dead and fallen leaves and crumpled newspaper - then mix and turn fairly often, and in no time be producing your very own eco friendly composter.

A brilliant way to turn House and garden waste into compost.

It is a brilliant piece of recycling equipment and will blend naturally into any garden.

Making and using compost is the cornerstone of organic gardening - if you want to 'Grow Your Own', there's no better place to start.

The finished product is rich, dark, crumbly and sweet-smelling. It is made of recycled garden and kitchen waste, and can also include paper products. It is used to feed and condition the soil and in making potting mixes. Around 40 per cent of the average dustbin contents are suitable for home composting so it helps cut down on landfill too.

Making compost is often considered to be complex but all you need to do is provide the right ingredients and let nature do the rest - however, a little know-how will help you make better compost, more efficiently